1200 Pro

Compact and efficient, the 1200 Pro is the ideal all-round carrier. Using state of the art technology you can rely on its safe and simple operation to perform a range of duties. At 750mm wide and a maximum capacity of 1200kg, the uses are endless. By incorporating smart features such as gradient monitoring, information feedback and a smart auxiliary output, the 1200 Pro sets the standard for tracked carriers available on the market.

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Top Features

  • 1,200kg capacity
  • 750mm wide
  • 360mm high
  • Battery powered
  • Fully proportional remote control
  • 45° gradeability (100%)
  • 3Km/h maximum speed

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Width overall 750mm
Width of bed740mm
Length of bed/overall1120mm
Length extended1700mm
Track width150mm
Track length on ground800mm
Ground clearance (centre)60mm
Max capacity on level ground1200kg
Max capacity at max gradient300kg
Max gradient X axis45°
Max gradient Y axis30°
Max speed3km/h
Unladen weight340kg
Power (max)2.4kW
Battery capacity115Ah
Charger input110V-230V

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