Bocker AK44

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Top Features

  • Max Lifting Capacity: 4t
  • Max Boom: 44m
  • Standard Outrigger Pads: 800mm x 800mm

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Telescope Arm Angleapprox. 87 degrees
Jib Angleapprox. 165 degrees
Swivel Areaapprox. 620 degrees
Working Height up to Jibapprox. 33m
Max. Extension Length including Mech. Extensionapprox 44m
Max. Extension Lengthapprox. 42m
Body Weightapprox. 9600 kg
Basic Lengthapprox. 4.55m
Hook Speedapprox. 60m/min
Support Lengthapprox. 6.05m
Support Widthapprox. 5.74m
Length Vehicleapprox. 10.55m
Width Vehicleapprox. 2.55m
Max Range of Crane Operation with 15,5t Truck:
500kg Lifting Capacityapprox. 30m
1000kg Lifting Capacityapprox. 22m
2000kg Lifting Capacityapprox. 14m
4000kg Lifting Capacityapprox. 8.2m

Working Range

Bocker AK44 Working Range


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