Curved Vacuum Lifter

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Top Features

  • Lifting capacity - 750kg
  • Quad-circuit vacuum system with reverse tank, non-return valve & vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • 90° manual tilt & 270° manual rotation
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Suitable for lifting concave and convex curved units with a minimum radius of 600mm

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Maximum Safe Working Load Capacity750kg
Suction CupDescription - Black rubber, not abrasion resistant
Suction Cup Diameter20mm
Suitable for LiftingMaterial Properties - Gastight/ non-porous Surface - Smooth Example - Glass, plastic boards, sheet metals, coated boards
Weight of Lifter140kg
Depth of Lifter300mm
Rotation270° manual lockable at 90° intervals
Tilt90° manual lockable
Quad Circuit Vacuum System2 or 4 pumps 2 vacuum reserve tanks
VoltagePump - 12v DC from x 2 rechargeable batteries Battery Charger - 110v/240v 50/ 60Hz single phase factory selectable
Standard Accessories4 x extension arms with suction pads, interchangeable spare battery

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