Valla 20D TRX

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Max Lifting Capacity:2,000 kg
Width: 950mm
Weight: 2,100 kg (20E basic spec) / 2,100 kg (20D basic spec)
Power Source: Electric Diesel
Motor: (20E)12 kW - 28v AC fanned reversible electric motor fitted with variable speed control, disk brake on drive wheel electrically operated
Engine: (20D)16.5 HP - 4 cylinder, water cooled
Transmission: Reduction between motor and wheel by gears in oil bath, max speed 2 Km/h
Frame: Pre-formed and welded steel plate with integral counterweight
Boom: 2 hydraulic telescopic sections
Hydraulic System:Self enclosed circuit, powered by geared pump, fitted with self cancelling valves, maximum hydraulic pressure 200 Bar
Safe Load Device: Fitted electronic load indicator, visual audible indicators to meet CE Regulations
Tracks Rubber

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