Market-leading spider crane manufacturers, Maeda have taken the plant hire industry by storm, creating the first fully battery-powered mini crane. Due to the mini crane’s zero emissions, quiet operation and impressive green credentials, AMC has taken delivery of six Maeda MC285CB-3 mini cranes as we expand our fleet to focus on sustainability.

With our green cranes come an even greener set of values and with a sharper focus on sustainable lifting solutions and low emissions compliance, the need for innovative technology and machinery has become more prevalent. 

Mini cranes already prove to be more environmentally friendly with a lower carbon footprint compared to larger cranes and often due to their compact nature and their agile ability to manoeuvre precisely, they replace the need for larger tower cranes in a range of lifting situations. 

The new MC285CB-3 from Maeda operates cleanly with zero emissions, allowing the crane to be used in sensitive indoor environments and when tight regulations need to be adhered to. In addition to the clear environmental aspect, the MC285 electric is packed with a mighty punch of strength and power, offering reliable, flexible lifting solutions for some of the most challenging projects.

AMC ordered the first three MC285CB-3 from Kranlyft UK in July 2020, and just two months later ordered an additional three, totalling six electric cranes to add to our growing fleet. 

In our commitment to sustainability, we are making changes and taking decisions with the environment in focus, offering modern, innovative machinery with no compromise to our planet.

To read more about our partnership with Kranlyft visit their blog section here.

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