Project Overview

Our portfolio of works is always venturing into new sectors and industries, proving our agile process meets the demands of our customers. AMC created a bespoke lifting solution for 15 trees to be transported and lifted into a residential property.  With each tree weighing 1.3 tonnes at a value of £3.5k each, this job involved extreme care and precision to place each tree exactly 750mm apart. Our tracked carrier transported each tree to our C6, Chantal, who lifted and dropped them into situ.

Our C6 Electric Crane

Robust. Multifunctional. Simple operation. That’s the C6 in a nutshell - and the reasons why this machine is one of the most popular in the mini crane industry. Ideal for both placing glass and positioning steel beams. This compact crane can even lift more than its own weight, making it possible for one crane to lower another into an underground space.

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